Pennsylvania State Camp Association

The PSCA is dedicated to protecting the rights of state forest leased campsite owners.

The PSCA wants to ensure that the Pennsylvania Department of

Conservation and Natural Resources considers the campsite owners

concerns when developing state forest management polices.

You can help the PSCA protect your rights and secure the future of

your campsite.

Are you concerned about the future of your camp?

Are you concerned about any of the issues listed below?

  • Increased lease fees.

  • Porhibition of shooting ranges.

  • Prohibition of wildlife feeders.

  • Prohibition of gates to prevent vandalism.

  • Lack of road maintenance and closing of roads.

  • Excessive outhouse requirements.

  • Inconsistant forestry department rulings.

  • Loss of camps in areas designated as "Wild and Natural Areas".


  • Camp inspections the verge on the point of harassment.

  • Losing out to the interests of anti-gun and anti-hunting groups.

  • Concerned about these or other campsite issues?

JOIN the PSCA and help us protect your future.